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Welcome to "Wit and More .."


This site contains 1,706 funny, witty, amusing selections that have been gathered over 20+ years.

The site is a moderated site, meaning I manage all the content. I do not accept sexually explicit jokes, raunchy jokes and dumb blond jokes, lawyer jokes, ethnic jokes or jokes that make fun of or put someone down. There are exceptions .. selections making fun of engineers, golfers and a some others are fair game. Clearly there are jokes in here that push the limits of these rules, but I feel they have some redeeming quality. Also, having been collecting these for a long time, many are very dated and probably only amusing to some of you very mature folks out there.

Now ...

I have categorized everything into one of 10 categories..
  • Jokes,
  • Thoughts,
  • True Stories,
  • Wisdom,
  • Quotes,
  • Riddles
  • Trivia,
  • Attitude,
  • Song
  • Poems,
  • Tricks,
  • Political
To Get Started, options available to the user is a random highly rated selection from my library in one of those categories in the upper window and a list of highly rated selections in the lower window.

From that point you ...
  • Click on the page title "Wit and More" to have the site refresh the upper window with a new random selection while retaining the same list below, or ...
  • Click on the arrows < beside > the title to page backwards and forwards one selection at a time, or ...
  • Click on the "Get" next to any list item below to view that selection, or ...
  • You may search the database for selections containing keywords or phrases .. and/or by ALL or by a category .. and/or limit the size (Number of characters) to some size (i.e. less than 1,000 characters).

  • If I have somehow managed to include any proprietary material without permission, please accept my apology. Shoot me an email and I will remove it.
  • Also, cultural attitudes change over time. What may have been funny or witty 20 years ago may not be today. if you find one of these selections offensive, intolerable or unacceptable and believe it should be removed. Then drop me an email.
  • And, finally, A great many of these selections are arguably adult material. So.. please do not encourage young people to look through these.

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This site is a rewrite of my old site. The old site (written in WebBaseTM [1997-2019] & Microsoft AccessTM) did things differently. Over time, I'll add more features to this rewrite (written in PHP v7.3 & MySQL). Please check back occasionally.
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