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The Best
25 Entries.
Get True StoryGood luck Mr. Gorsky10 G1,412
Get WisdomHappiness is...10 G182
Get True StoryInteresting Questions10 G679
Get WisdomJesus is coming10 G4,042
Get JokesMy Mother Taught Me ...10 G2,704
Get JokesPolitical Lexicon10 G89
Get ThoughtsProud to be an American10 G3,391
Get QuotesSamuel Goldwyn Quotes10 G1,628
Get JokesThe Weakest Link!10 G1,433
Get JokesVirus Warning10 G1,631
Get JokesWhen God Made Woman And Man10 G1,401
Get JokesAm I going to live to 80?G796
Get JokesBrick Layer - Accident FormG2,766
Get RiddleEinstein's RiddleG1,116
Get JokesEuroEnglishG1,664
Get QuotesFamous Last Words...G4,611
Get WisdomInformation PleaseG5,182
Get JokesIs Hell exothermic or endothermicG2,308
Get WisdomJuggling ActG735
Get WisdomMake a friendG2,573
Get JokesMost Unusual Funeral Procession.G1,105
Get JokesSoftware Engineer, Hardware Engineer and Department ManagerG1,042
Get JokesSuper Bowl SeatG1,205
Get JokesThe Miracle of MiniaturizationG2,796
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